Bedroom Communication: Let’s hear it baby!

This is just a brief thought not specific to myself but to a conversation many of us have had previously regarding the bedroom boom mood. I’ll start with an anecdote about a buddy who likes really chop it up whilst inter-coursing and how he interacts with his night time guests. We had asked him why he, a male, was moaning so much and also so loudly? To which he replied “I like to let them know I’m there… That we’re in this together.” Thrown by this, J-Hoe responded with, “well I hope they know you’re there… your rig is inside of her!” While we all had a good laugh at the exchange, it opened our eyes to the verbal cues of bedroom conversation. It’s a great idea to be open and honest with your partner for the evening or maybe give that other person so constructive criticism. This goes both ways…


We like to know that you’re having a good time… “Push em. Pull em. Do something!””you leave one of your teammates out to dry” we’re teammates in this thing. Give one another some indication that you’re in for the “succ-sex” of this team. Your moans/noises go a long way in the mental game of whats going on in there. How can we improve if there’s nothing to build off of? Give us something… I’m not saying you need to be like this chick down here bringing the house down through verbal force… breath, pant, moan. Let us know you’re alive. Nobody wants to be checking for a pulse…

“This is my life, This is my life” It’s also your life… So next time your feeling something let ring it out and if you’re not feeling something even more of a reason to let your partner know, you ain’t feeling it.

“we’re not the same, we’re different in a good way” “we’re all in this together!”

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