IU Baseball does a Sorority Recruitment Video & Crushes it! Ladies…

My younger brother has participated in the sorority recruitment pregame a time or two so when he saw this naturally he sent it over our way immediately. These guys went above and fucking beyond to create this thing and it is spot on… My favorite laughable moments were the use of the flag, glitter, and the team laying in a circle like the ladies do in their videos…

3 elements that they are missing though are: 1. a jeep wrangler, 2. a drone shot, & the most important 3. a puppy! That puppy goes a long way, I’m telling you… This video actually promotes the team and sororities for a specific game. IU Baseball Sorority Night, March 30th, first pitch at 6:05. Brilliant idea you sons of bitches! Bring the ladies to the game and take them out for drinks after? Like shooting fish in a barrel I tell ya! I will say this though, I had my doubts about greek life in Indiana but they do know how to party. But after seeing this Alpha Phi IU vid, there’s some nice Midwestern Talent here…

“Did you pipe last night?” “Aw hell yeah baby!”

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