Tiger Woods Golf Game Is Dead & We Must Make Peace With That

Tiger’s game is done, dead, and over so it’s time we make peace with that reality and move on. That includes the fans, groupies (both men and women), and especially the media. While I understand ratings move the needle, talking about a possible comeback at this point is nothing more than a waste of time. So please stop tickling our gooches with the headlines.

I’ll admit. Every time I see a headline about his return I jump with excitement. Club swirls and fist pumps dance in my head while I smile with joy like a young man sipping his first legal beer at a strip club.

Then it happens… Tiger limps off the course after shooting a miserable 78 with a “hurt back.” And no, I don’t think it’s his back anymore. I think the man is mentally destroyed. The moment his wife smashed that car was the moment Tiger lost everything that made him great… His mojo! Until that point he was untouchable both on and off the course but she exposed him as human. It would be like Superman or Batman breaking their arm after rolling off the top of a bunk bed. A real “I am human” moment that Tiger can’t stomach.

And as a result we all need to stop waiting and move on with our lives. It’s over. And don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened. It was beautiful while it lasted.

Also use this as a lesson – Don’t cheat when you have fame, power, and millions. Better yet, don’t get married. It ruined the greatest career we ever saw overnight.

Never forget, always remember. RIP Tiger’s game.

PS: Uncle Stink and J-Hoe are convinced he was taking steroids during his prime. Now he’s not and that’s why he is hurt. I think he’s just super sad.

*I almost tear up while watching this fist pump tribute

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