Lady Gaga Is HOT

One could say  I’m late to this story but last night Lady Gaga flipped a middle finger to her haters with a very revealing outfit at the Grammy’s.

During Gaga’s Super Bowl performance many body shamed her for a “belly roll” which has me super confused. I personally thought she looked damn good and her sexual stock jumped a few points in my book. I find her hotter than I did before the performance. Hell, if she was a random girl and walked into a bar 95% of the guys in there would flock for a number. On top of that her voice was incredible, she caught a football, and flew around the stadium suspended higher in the air than I would ever attempt. I mean, I’m deathly afraid of ski lifts.

Did she have a very slight “fun” bump on her belly? Yeah, sure, but that’s also the most minimal roll (if it even qualifies as a roll) I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s also a tiny reminder that GAGA has some god damn fun. No guy truly wants a chick that’s all skin and bones. Give me a bad ass gal with a few curves, a beer in one hand, and a pizza in the other any day of the week. Tossing back a few cold ones and smashing ZA is beautiful.

Capture 1.PNG

She sure has, but so have I!

Gaga at the Grammy’s! You can call me a Little Monster from this day forward because under cleavage is the best kind of cleavage. Plus she’s as talented as any currently in the game.

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