The Nike Equality Commercial Is Hilariously Hypocritical

Great commercial, Nike…NOT!

While it was beautifully done and extremely heartfelt, the touching piano isn’t enough to cover they hypocrisy in this ad. For Nike, the ad was nothing more than a business decision masked by superior athletes and a call for justice. (Which is super popular these days)

But what’s ironic is that Nike coincidentally released this ad just weeks after Trump abandoned the highly controversial and mostly disapproved Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement. (Congress voted against it. Bernie Sanders disapproved as well)

In short, abandoning this agreement will make it more difficult for American businesses like NIKE to outsource their work to Asian and Pacific based countries. As a result businesses like NIKE, who outsources a large amount of their labor will take a financial hit. The days of paying $3.00 an hour for labor in Malaysia and charging $200 a shoe in America won’t be as seamless and this move could impact Nikes operation/bottom line.

Furthermore, Nike of all companies discussing “equality” is laughable. Again, this is the same company paying $3.00 an hour in the sweatshops of Malaysia.

And about Lebron –  How can he talk about equality between the lines when nothing about him is equal? The dude is a blessed freak of an athlete standing at 6’9 which instantly gave him an unequal edge on almost everyone else. Plus he’s always complaining for calls. And why is that? Maybe because he’s an unequal superstar and demands preferential treatment throughout the league?

And while I still enjoy the Nike brand, and I’ll continue to wear their clothes because I don’t get all butt hurt over everything, the issue I have isn’t with their practice but rather the way they’re parading behind hypocrisy and using these athletes like pawns.

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