2017: The Year of Love. A Valentine’s day Update

Valentine’s day, the Hallmark Holiday of all Holidays. It’s easy to shit on this day as a single individual but sometimes these streets get lonely… Keep your chins up Knuckleheads, we’re only 45 days into the year, there’s still time to find the love that you desire/deserve. Don’t let this day get you down, embrace the fact that there’s love in the air and possibly on the horizon. If all the losers around us can get locked down there’s still hope… Hasn’t been much success for the boys of the nest but we’re staying positive. Just act like my boy Ricky Fowler here, not a care in the fucking world…


Here’s advice from one of the more single dudes you may know… You need to love yourself before you can find love in a counterpart. While yes, you may in fact love yourself, there are things that we all can work on to improve. Whatever those things might be, the happier you become, the happier you will make someone else down the road. I have seen numerous times before people that have to be in relationships and can’t cut it in the single world and date someone just to date someone. Who wants to date some prick/bitch…not I! Love is out there, don’t force it,  just allow it to happen. God damn, am I getting mushy over here or what?! Like Rickie Fowler, I’m gonna enjoy some golf, some brews, and live, laugh, love. I feeling It coming babe…

Just take it step by step…


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