UCONN Women Win 100 – Could Ted Play With Them Poll?

The UCONN women incredibly won their 100th straight game and capped off the most dominate run in sports history. I won’t lie, I turned on the 4th quarter and it was a pretty wild scene. I was also blown away by how bored Geno Auriemma looks while coaching. It’s like me playing NCAA football on varsity (the easiest setting on XBOX) and just blowing out every single opponent.

The game also has me wondering about my own ability. Now, I’m an admittedly TERRIBLE basketball player. I recognized this humbling reality in 8th grade and skipped the tryouts. But hey, at least I had enough self awareness as a kid to know I’d be cut and spare myself the embarrassment. Even in college I would hoop with pants on and all the other kids would make fun of me. And while I’m a pretty decent athlete it sucks to be the worst at something. For me those two worsts are basketball and bowling. My two bugaboos.

So with that my question is this. Due to my overall athletic ability (and yes, I am an athlete) where do you think I would stack up on the UCONN women’s roster? Personally I see myself as a defensive lockdown gnat. A full throttle  pain in the ass outworking the chick across from me and crashing the boards. My relentlessness on the defensive side would earn me some minutes and I think Gino would respect my Charlie Hustle attitude. I also think the  girls would welcome me in with open arms, unlike the boys at the rec center.



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