Aroldis Chapman Fastball

Below is a link to a view of an Aroldis Chapman fastball and unlike many others, I’m actually less intimidated by this video than I thought I would be. Sure, I don’t know if he’s throwing 100% or more like 85% but that right there doesn’t strike me as unhittable. Not at all. I swear, I really think I could send one back at the L-Screen.

I also acknowledge that it’s a whole lot easier to sit at my desk and pass judgement while safe from the 100 MPH hard ball zipping by my face.

Yeah – I take it back. I would likely be in the back of the box pissing down my leg. I once faced very low 90’s and walked. Why did I walk? Because I didn’t have enough time to swing. If the pitcher could have hit the zone I would have struck out for certain.

Better Video is in the link

The video

Never forget this amazing Gif. No other way to approach this…



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