dinnerWe’re typically known for our humor, ability to crack jokes, tell a tale, throw back a few pilsners, but cooking? Not our greatest strength to date. But when we put our minds to it, we surprised even ourselves. J-Hoe, Ted, and I took on the challenge of throwing just not any dinner together but cooking up lobster tails and god damn it, did we do it! Ted said he may have came right in his pants after diving in on his tails. Let me start by saying I was a little nervous or anxious maybe about putting this particular dish together. I hadn’t eaten anything all day and I was ready to eat after our work out. The boys could tell I had been a little cranky. When it comes to that dire straights mindset, I just want a quick, already made food solution. I didn’t think we were prepared for this undertaking.

img_4882We did it anyway. We bought 6 lobster tails, a few pieces of salmon, and a couple
zucchinis. Thawed out the lobsters in the sink, then J-Hoe and myself cracked away at these bitches backs. It wasn’t the easiest of tasks but we handled it. Ted had done some research earlier in the day but J-Hoe told us he’s a visual learner and ventured on to YouTube. Ted handled the salmon and zucchini on the stove top, much to my chagrin, he killed it. Bada Boom, Bada Bing, Dinner was served and it was pretty noteworthy. Had to brag a bit after it was plated, so the 3 of us took pictures and sent that shit straight out via La Snap. I took my picture, closed the phone, and started diving in while the other 2 selected their recipients. I couldn’t wait, it was fucking go time! I don’t think I spoke for the next 5 minutes while the other 2 moaned as if they’d climaxed. “Clean up on aisle 10” Would you look at that shit though?! My snapchat read, “Oh fuck me, home cookin'” If there was ever a party in our mouths, this mother fucker was LIT! Buttery, Paprika explosion off those tails may have gotten all 3 of us aroused. Did I mention we washed it down with some wine? I mean we looked like a 5 star restaurant. With 2 exceptions, the pups, Lou and Tugger, sat there and stared at us the entire time licking their chops. They each got a piece of lobster. 6 month old puppies, eating better than most Americans. Spoiled Fuckers… But we may have set a new standard for home cooked meals. It will be very difficult to top this but we will take what we’ve learned and put it towards some surf and turf this summer with grilled corn on the cob & ice cold coronas…How does that sound? Huh? Huh? I don’t know if we can wait that long though…


J-Hoe made mention of something I forget that ties the whole thing together: The Musical Ambiance. We usually sling around the fixins to that of the Late Great, Frank Sinatra. Few of our Faves include:

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