Busch Beer reveals new cans, it’s bout to be poppin’ this summer!

I don’t know how the hell we haven’t talked about this yet?! During the Super Bowl, our favorite beer revealed their new look and I must say these cans look fucking phenomenal! The can looks just as good as that crisp, cold pilsner tastes. I did like last summer when the cans had all sorts of different fish featured on the cans. I’m not much a of fisherman myself but it was always a little surprise to see what you “caught” out of the cooler. But without further ado, take a look at the SB Ad that they ran.

Makes you want to throw on a flannel and throw a couple cold ones back doesn’t it? Now I know Kevin Harvick is Busch Beer’s leading Man racing in the #4 Car. But A few MLB guys have stepped up to give their personal thumbs up on the brand. A huge shout out from Pro Baseball Players of the Tampa Bay Rays, Kevin Kiermaier and Evan Longoria, Now that’s a bat/beer flip baby!

Check out Busch’s Site for all their beer offerings: Our Beers

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