Online Dating Picture Update – Rick Muntz Drips Of Sex

In a follow up to yesterday’s online dating article I wanted to include my inspiration for the mug shot profile picture format. And of course, that inspiration comes from Rick Muntz! Has anyone ever seen a more photogenic and beautiful picture? And that flow! I swear to god, Rick refused to cut his long hair for months after this specifically because of this picture. He still cites it as his best ever. And I can assure you, the ladies would swipe right every single time if they came across this one.

PS: This mug shot was total bullshit. Rick didn’t end up getting in any trouble. It was essential a huge misunderstanding so don’t judge him because squat came of it except this glorious image. The guy would hurt a fly and was released shortly after. Also, last night the dude grilled up some of the “best burgers I’ve ever cooked” in his opinion.


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