Trump Made Chris Christie Eat Meatloaf

Fake News, real news, who knows. What I do know is that this seems like a reasonable move for the President to make. Chris Christie is a man that screams MEAT LOAF when you see him.


  • Christie said that while at lunch with wife, Pat, and Trump, the president told them to order whatever they wanted off the White House menu
  • But then he said he and Christie would have the meatloaf, calling it ‘fabulous’

You have to take the loaf in this instance. When the President offers you a “fabulous” anything you just sit back and accept. Besides, I would imagine meatloaf is a top 5 meal that Christie enjoys.

I also bet Trump is like a hardcore Italian at dinner. I’ve had dinner with Italians for work and they NEVER let you stop eating. They will dump bread, pasta, wine, chicken and everything imaginable on your plate despite your buttons bursting at the gut. It’s nuts. I said no a dozen times but it just kept coming.


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