Apparently Fat Guys last on average 1 minute and 30 seconds longer in the bedroom

First off, it’s obvious that cock stamina is of huge concern. That KY duration sex spray article I wrote roughly 3 months ago remains our number 1 article and it shows no signs of wavering.

untitled.pngSo, that means men can’t stop busting nuts at an alarmingly fast pace and women need to understand…the average dude lasts 6 minutes in total without whisky dick. It’s just a fact, we are designed to spread our love like Johnny Appleseed.

Though there is new hope, ladies. And it comes in a “larger package.” Apparently fat asses last longer in bed.

Experts claim that those who have excess fat around their stomachs have better stamina during sex thanks to a higher presence of estradiol, which inhibits the male orgasm. In fact, they last for one minute and 30 seconds more than their skinny counterparts, a study found. – Daily Mail

So instead of 6 minutes with some fit hunk you can get an extra minute and a half with a huge slob. And hell, beggars can’t be choosers. You ladies need to make a choice. It’s chubby sex or get your fit man stupidly wasted every night you’re in the mood. Those are the only options.



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