Bill Belichick’s Boat Makes Him The Most Subtle Cocky Guy Of All-Time

Bill Belichick’s new boat named “Seven Rings”


Bill Belichick is the sneakiest cocky guy of all-time. Sure, he acts like it’s all business during the season but he quietly and stealthily throws insults at the best times. All season its focus on the team, zero bulletin board material, and work… then it’s a boat named 7 rings floating around the harbor for all to see once the task is completed.

He’s like that super quiet friend who when finally provoked and pushed over the line, quickly hits you with the most personal insult imaginable. Just straight to your heart with a knife. Short with words, but strong with delivery. Something like. “Your dad’s a degenerate alcoholic because he hates you and always has”  – That’s the extremely personal dig I’m talking about. Just vicious. A jaw dropping, you can’t say that moment from someone who always seemed cool, calm, and collected.



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