Bravo to you “Bravo” Network, you’ve got me hooked on “Reality” TV

I wasn’t feeling my greatest Yesterday as the entire weekend was an absolute binge drinking triathlon. We went to way too hard and my ass paid the price. A ton of boozing along with some competition went hand in hand this weekend. It was Mid 60’s Saturday so we got out on the links and played our first round of the year, followed by a reverse raffle. The following day it was time to bowl…We’ve been on a real bowling tear as of late. But that’s beside the point of this impeccable piece of writing. I was in a seriously bad place running on fumes from the weekend. We were out till 3:30 AM Sunday into Monday morning and got up 4 hours later to golf. My body was revolting against me until I got a decent nap in.

What I did after that nap was absolutely pathetic. I watched “Vanderpump Rules” for about 6 hours followed by an episode of “Summer House”. Plus Andy Cohen’s after show that reviews everything that happened on the two shows. I could not step away from these shows because the people on these episodes are a “classier” version of Jersey Shore. I laughed my ass off for hours at these fucking buffoons. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with the cast from Vanderpump besides all the fucking drama that continues to occur. The people on “Summer house” can kick rocks as far as I’m concerned. Carl, tall prep douche bag is clearly a fuckboi saying whatever it takes to get in these girls pants and they’re not even all that great looking. I don’t know him but the way he acts is trust fund kiddo who knows how to talk well while he’s trying to get what he wants.

He’s playing hard to get here babe. Then it makes you look like the one who wanted things and he didn’t covering his ass. Kyle is the biggest tool bag of them all. I’ll continue to watch this shit because it entertaining as fuck and is exactly that saying “a train wreck: you know you should look away but you can’t stop staring”

Now “Vanderpump Rules” is pure gold. I’m just going to let you watch the tape.

My favorite dude on the show, Jax, talking about my favorite girl, Ariana, in this clip is hilarious. She does have a nice ass though…

I’m thinking i may have to do a recap of the show every week just to give you my thoughts moving forward.

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