Baseball Approves Rule Change For Intentional Walks – You No Longer Need To Throw The Pitch

Oh, by the way, I wrote about this in my letter to Rob Manfred as well. Though I won’t claim credit as it’s one of those obvious changes that’s been discussed for a long time. It’s also hilarious to see baseball purist freak out on social media over such a minimal adjustment to the game.

I swear baseball fanatics are the craziest bunch of assholes in the world. Hell, if they had their way the batters wouldn’t even wear helmets because it’s against “tradition.” And baseball coaches are like wild hyenas. I’ve never met a baseball coach or manager at a higher level that doesn’t have a screw loose. One time my high school coach had a shop vac in the outfield sucking up a puddle during a thunder storm just so we could practice. There he was, screaming about how “we’re still on!” over the running engine and an extension cord submerged under water.

Back to the rule change – In the end this will have minimal impact. Pace of play will increase ever so slightly and these intentional walks rarely happen anyway. And because it’s so minimal I agree with just putting a guy on first to begin with. No need to go through the motions for something so rare and pointless.

Unless of course….

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