Ole Miss Mess & Hugh Freeze Is Done For

We all saw this coming when Ole Miss pulled the most incredible class in the closing minutes of 2013 recruiting. A buddy of mine even text me and said “Ole Miss is killing it today.” One after another, Hugh Freeze and the Rebels were landing 5*’s that weren’t even Ole Miss leans… In short, it seemed fishy.

Fast forward to 2017 and Ole Miss is in a pile of NCAA shit. The Ole Miss football program is facing serious cheating allegations, lack of institutional control, and coaches charged with carrying out blatantly illicit violations. It’s as if they weren’t even trying to get away with it.

Now, I’ve gone on record and stated in previous articles that cheating happens at all colleges to one level or another. However, I don’t believe that calculated systematic cheating from the top down is rampant in college sports. (Like this Ole Miss case) Not all schools and staff can babysit 90+ players and a handful of sleazy boosters. It’s impossible and the best you can do is report the violations the moment they are learned about.

And there in lies the issue for Ole Miss going forward. This doesn’t appear to be an unknown case. This started with the head coach and trickled down through the assistant coaches and staff – In this instance the NCAA will come down hard and Ole Miss deserves it. In many cases the cover up is worse than the crime, and being an accomplice to the wrongdoing always leads to the end…

Check out the evidence on video and in texts:



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