Draymond Green needs a leave of absence or new sport: Soccer or Kick Boxing? Dumb Ass…

This mother fucker is back at it again. First off, he started shit with Paul Pierce while Pierce was on the bench at the time. How is a guy supposed to jawback from the bench, pussy move by Green there. Draymond is an absolute douche bag, I can’t stand this dude any longer. This is coming from me, who isn’t exactly a “Paul Pierce Fan” but he deserves the credit for being the hooper he was back in his hay day. Talking trash about a farewell tour, saying he’s not Kobe. Shut your big mouth havin’ ass up! Jesus, Lord almighty…

Here’s Draymond doing what Draymond does best, physically kicking his opponent. He kicked Blake Griffin during a loose ball. I know it’s a loose ball but you can’t honestly look me in the face and think that, that kick was an accident… Caught ya on camera, Bitch!

Looks at this fucking dumbass, even Steve Kerr has had enough. People say LeBron’s a whiner?!(He is… haha) But this dude gets downright fucking angry, cool out asshole!

Shit, I might need to kick something after watching these clips…


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