Papa & “Ganpa Park”

Sorry, Knuckleheads. We haven’t been posting and won’t be posting for the start of this week… Unfortunately, late last week my Grandpa passed away surrounded by family and the next two days will be spent honoring his life.

For J-Hoe, myself, and dozens of High School buddies,  Papa was more than a Grandpa, he was just another friend. During our Junior High and High School years “the godfather” as we called him built a wiffle ball field that cost a few thousand dollars in his very own backyard… That backyard field was known as “Ganpa Park” and it provided endless days of barefoot fun and numerous innings. Between cashing Country Time Lemonades, eating popsicles, scarfing down Marcos, and cranking homeruns, it was a kids heaven. It also single handedly busted my buddy Brick out of a curveball slump. It might sound absurd, but I credit that field for much of our High School baseball success.

Over the years the field was featured in local newspaper and probably saw close to a thousand people run its baselines. For my Grandpa, I know it was a place of pride as he sat quietly under a large tree and simply watched.

And for us boys it will remain one of our greatest memories. For that, I appreciate the field and everything else he provided throughout my life…

I’ve included a link to his obituary (The most honorable thing I’ve ever written) as well as an article from the Blade that highlights his many accomplishments as a business and family man.

Thomas Hertzfeld Sr. Obituary

The Toledo Blade

I’ll include some pictures from Ganpa Park later this week. As well as the newspaper article.


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