These underwear are ridiculous, Just scratch/move your junk…

I’ll let you take a look at these things before I give you my opinion…

This dude can’t seriously think he’s changing the game. I’d like to see this cat on Shark Tank trying to sell. Fun Fact: Rick Muntz loves Shark Tank and I firmly believe he would urge the investors to pick this product up. These things retail for $28/pair, a price Rick would NOT be willing to shell out. As for the functionality of these dumb ass things, they are awkward as fuck. A string attached to the outside of your underwear looks more suspicious than just adjusting yourself. One thing that I learned from my high school baseball coach that will stick with me for life is the phrase “make an adjustment” which was meant for being in the batter’s box and attempting to hit. Pitcher is throwing heat? Back up in the box and choke up for a quicker swing. I have applied it to all walks of life just not sports. If your underwear are riding up your ass, make an adjustment & pull that wedgie out. Drawers caught between your sack and your leg, make an adjustment. Don’t recreate your fucking underwear. C’mon buddy, I love the hustle and all but use that mind of yours for something else. Pass!

One thought on “These underwear are ridiculous, Just scratch/move your junk…

  1. Just like your baseball coach suggests, we made an adjustment. Underwear today compresses your manhood and/or leaves you chafing like crazy. Eletrunks are a total design change, not only an adjustment helper. We can all adjust, sure. Stick you hands down your pants and have fun. What makes these truly special is a design where your package sits away from your legs, relieving pressure, and creating zero skin to skin contact in that region. This also promotes better testicular health due to temperature regulation. So yes, we agree, adjusting can be fun the traditional way, we’ve just come up with an underwear that solves many problems at once and adjusting happens to be the last kicker. We’d even be willing to give you a promo pair to test yourself. If you have a slightly open mind to new approaches to old problems, we find people love them. Thanks for your thoughts! Articles like this help us see where our message is lacking clarity. Thanks!


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