Girl cheats, waxes her vagina, and sends the wrong text

Sounds like some cheating girl waxed her entire pussy for her side piece but accidentally let her current boyfriend know.

She sent her boyfriend a text meant for her friend detailing how she was cheating on him. “Zoe” intended to text her friend asking for advice on how she should handle her bad behavior.


Man, this is a gut dropping feeling. I’ve been there at work with an email, but at least I was able to unplug the computer in just enough time to stop the send. Maybe Apple should look into a 5 second “save my text from sending” period. Users can push one button in those 5 seconds and destroy the message.

Again, the good news is that she kept that pussy plickety pick.

The boyfriend actually took it all in stride. And he has 30% phone battery which is far better than me.


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