Oprah For President? The Pros & Cons

Rumors are running rampant that Oprah Winfrey is possibly interested in running for President in 2020. Now, a few years ago I would have laughed this off as impossible, but Trump getting elected has changed the game. Everyone and anyone has a legit shot at making the cut for the top office in the land.

The Pros of an Oprah Presidency:

  • We would no longer have to struggle through Weight Watchers commercials. Talk about confusing. Oprah gains and loses weight weekly. It’s tough to endorse a weight loss product when your weight is so volatile.
  • Maybe she could get the Chicago violence under control. Oprah loves Chicago and I think she might be able to work that to her advantage.
  • The Young Jeezy “My President” rap song would once again be relevant. And we would be blessed with these incredible genius lyrics.
    • My president is black, my Lambo’s blue
      And I’ll be goddamned if my rims ain’t too
      My momma ain’t at home, and daddy’s still in jail
      Tryna make a plate, anybody seen the scale?
      My president is black, my Lambo’s blue
      And I’ll be goddamned if my rims ain’t too
      My money’s light green and my Jordans light grey
      And they love to see white, now how much you tryna pay?
      Let’s go!

The Cons of an Oprah Presidency:

  • Oprah would drive this country into so much debt by giving away handouts. Shit, have you ever seen her giveaway shows? Woman showers the crowd with free shit.source.gif
  • Housewives across the country would have a shit ton of free time without Oprah. Lord only knows what new hobbies they would take up. Possibly an affair with some bad boy neighbor?
  • Tom Cruise would be caught jumping up and down on the couch in the Oval Office.

Overall, I think it would be fascinating to see Oprah and Trump square off against one another. Pure entertainment and fire debates…Slowly but surely Washington is turning into the East Coast Hollywood.




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