The Nest have turned into King Pins on the Lanes of NW Ohio

We have a serious itch that we scratch at least once a weekend. That itch, is bowling. With the limited amount of activities available to compete in during the winter months we’ve definitely have found our groove. What’s better than popping some fucking pins with yomen-s-ricky-ii-white-10120ur pals. The camaraderie is electric. High fives all around and fucking A do we get pumped. We’ve been working a lot of PR into our bowling seshs and it has carried over into our personal lives. And by PR I don’t mean “public relations”, I mean “Positive Reinforcement” the general attitude is sky high! We all cheer for one another’s success but don’t get me wrong we love to compete and things can get intense. In one hand you have three fingers in the holes of a “rhino” or “twister” ball. Got your fresh kicks on. Yes, I have my own bowling shoes and shit are they slick. J-Hoe is in the process of getting his Dexters ordered up. Fuck, are those smooth as hell or what?! Can you now see why the addiction is real?

Here Tends to my celebration style…

Everyone has their own bowling style and you have to respect one another’s individuality. J-Hoe is a two handed bowler, Ted is on the straight and narrow, while Rick and I are a 2 fingers in with a shit ton of spin/english, and G-Spot grabs the lightest fucking ball around and tries throwing it through the floor. With mixed results, I stand atop the bunch right now with this season’s highest score. 177
with J-Hoe just behind me at 174. We tend to get near blackout with endless pitchers of
pilsners so Rick may have snuck in a high giphy-3

score that I wasn’t able to read due to blurred vision. He might be the most consistent bowler of our group. We do have a solid female competitor that shocks us quite a bit, we’ll call her “Big Booty Judy” her game and butt are mesmerizing. Oooooweeee! We welcome her as often as she’d like, girl loves to compete! Just writing this post has my body shaking with excitement to hit the lanes this weekend!


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