The Vanderpump Rules Shot

As Uncle Stink pointed out, we’re huge Vanderpump fans. It’s an incredible reality show filled with dumbasses that make you feel better about yourself.

And with this in mind, there’s also a smart and amazing new lifestyle that we have adopted from them. And that lifestyle is taking a shot before any meal while out at dinner. We did this on Friday & Saturday and the dinners were top notch. Within moments the table was full of conversation and vibes from the get-go.

It also helped that we made our shot out to “Big Dick Rick” – Oh, and we also took two… Maybe that will be our contribution to this new dinner plan. Not one but two shots. It really did seem to add an extra element of possibility and adventure. Before long we were making plans for the night and it was only 5:30.

I did feel some shame when the table next to us said a prayer before eating. Meanwhile we had glasses in the middle as a cheers to the good lord above.

So next time out. Start your dinner with a shot.

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