Lou & Tugger Get Their Balls Snipped

At approximately 8:30 this morning the pride and joy of my life go under the knife for a significant snip – That’s right, our two puppies, Lou & Tugger are getting their balls removed and it’s a bitter sweet moment. I considered waiting until March Madness like humans do but the timing today seemed right.

It has to be done, for their sake, my sake, and the well being of the pillows in my living room. They are 7 months old and horny as hell. I truly believe this is the most humane action to be taken. As a guy, I can’t imagine the pain of going through life with two perfectly healthy and functional balls but unable to use them. Lou & Tugger are actually better off without the constant reminder swinging between their legs and hopefully the horny rage will subside.

Then on the other hand I still feel awful. They don’t even see it coming. Two beautiful doodles being cut off from reproducing the world. Last night they laid on their backs, spread their legs, and in that moment a tear damn near streamed down my cheek. So peaceful, yet so unaware… I dedicate this day to Lou & Tugger. For they are good men.

Here is where I assume the incision takes place. Doesn’t take a genius or anything.

Capture 6.PNG

Here they are looking cute as hell.

Brave doesn’t even begin to describe their new path in life.



One thought on “Lou & Tugger Get Their Balls Snipped

  1. Tipping out a 40 in Lou & Tug’s manhood memory today…..

    They can return the favor in 23 days, as Mr. Reproduce turns into “Mr. Can’t Reproduce Anymore”!

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