A picture of Dirk Nowitzki scoring his 30,000 point in the NBA has a real problem

Take a look at this picture… Now tell me what’s wrong?


What’s wrong?

Dirk Nowitzki scores his 30,000 point in the NBA as owner Mark Cuban looks on while a majority of the crowd is busy snapping a picture in what has become a real societal issue. Don’t these people realize a professional photographer will get a shot for you to later enjoy? (Like the one above) I mean, at some point you have to just enjoy the moment. So many people spend their time watching history, while in person, through a screen. Which is super bizarre and confusing if you think about it.

PS: It’s also not surprising that Mark Cuban isn’t taking a picture right here. He’s a smart guy worth billions. Maybe we should all try to follow his lead. And notice the little kid below him… Ah, to be a kid again. No distractions.


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