The Cavs’ Richard Jefferson & Channing Frye have a podcast, it’s Humanizing & Hilarious…

A buddy of mine had mentioned that the Cleveland Cavaliers’ players Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye have been producing a podcast titled, Road Trippin’ Hosted by Allie Clifton, where they record a podcast with special guests which just happened to be their teammates such as Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, and the big boy himself LeBron James. The premise is they get together and chop it up while out on the road for their road games. Basketball is the least talked about subject. Both Jefferson and Frye went to the University of Arizona and they talk about their days in college they shit they’d do, the bars they’d go to, they spoke of the wildcat girls and how they would go to the pool but when they had to head to class they’d throw on a tank top and one of the basketball player’s practice shorts. They wore them as a badge of honor, “I’m banging a college basketball player”.

balls+to+the+head+12345.gifAllie Clifton hosts the podcast and travels with the team on all their roadtrips. She controls the conversation as much as she can as these guys tend to ramble their asses off. But shoutout to her being from Van Wert, OH and hooped at UT aka The University of Toledo. Even though we’re BG Falcons and she is a Rocket, I want to show her some love for being from the MAC.  I highly suggest you guys check this out on iTunes or Spotify. It’s highly entertaining and great insight of what our favorite team and players are like off the hardwood.

This is a post game interview with Allie and Richard plus an interrupting Tristan Thompson, which gives you insight of how these guys hang together:

You can really tell that these guys care for one another as teammates, as friends, and many times as family. They spend so much time together in their profession that it’s great to see them bonding. Here’s one more clip of RJ and Allie Playing “FOX” a Fox Sports Ohio version of the classic game “PIG”.


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