Are nut tucks an industry worth investing into?

Technology and beauty have endless possibilities for 2017 and beyond. Shit, women are getting tit jobs everyday and to the untrained eye most people can’t even tell. Hollywood is full of fakers from their lips, to their asses, to their hair… It’s all a lie.

And as such, I think nut-tucks are really going to burst onto the scene in the coming years. I mention this because Big Dick Rick and I discussed the prospect of our nuts hanging into the toilet water by the time we’re 80, and I’m not sure there’s a solution, other than a tuck job. The heat from those hot tub soaks is really concerning and I often feel like a Basset hound carrying around floppy ears.

A real sleek, clean, and taught scrotum sew job sounds like an excellent B-Day or Christmas gift in my later years.

And as an investor it might be time that we look into this industry as a real revenue stream for Cheeseknuckles. I can see it now. For March Madness men will be getting tuck jobs to go along with their vasectomies.

Like a turtle shell there will be no more extra mess or hassle to deal with. One simple and efficient ball sack designed perfectly with no wasted space or gak like stretch to deal with.

So you heard it here first. The scrotum tuck is coming and it will absolutely change the game.

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