Elaine from Seinfeld gets to see her son get in the game for Northwestern

Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ (Formally & properly known as “Elaine” from Seinfeld) got to see her son enter the game last night and in typical Elaine fashion she was understandably pumped and nervous as hell. I just love the parents of kids who never get to play. All season they sit bored as hell, faking their enjoyment, and for the short few minutes their kid does play, they suddenly look like they might throw up.

On top of that, she’s aged, but something about her remains sexy as hell. A lot like my hard on for Doris Burke.  I get it, they aren’t your stereotypical sexy but I get rev’d  when I see them. Total freaks in the sheets. You can just tell. Those two ladies are talented, smart, professional (Unlike me) and more than capable of “putting out a few fires.”

I’m surprised Elaine didn’t bust out these Seinfeld moves when her son entered.

PS: How about Northwestern… Dancing for the first time ever!


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