Free Agency Starts: Cleveland Brown’s Money Ball Motives have my ass so confused…But still Positive.

We certainly look like the fucking circus as the shittiest team in theth NFL. My Cleveland Browns aka Clowns were the worst team last year winning one fucking game. We have the #1 pick in the 2017 and if they pass on Myles G
arrett out of Texas A & M they’re losing me as a fan. As many of you know we traded a 4th round pick to the Texans for Brock Osweiler, his $16 mil contract, a 2nd round pick next year and 6th round pick this year. We have 11 picks in the next two years drafts.

Osweiler is butt at QB he did awful for the Texans, we will likely cut him or try to trade him away. I also just found out that they’re releasing the Mr. Glass himself, RG3 after one year on our books owing him the other half of a two year, $15 mil deal. We did strengthen the offensive line for Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson with free agency and added Kenny Britt at receiver. Each year, we’re hopeful to right this ship. We’re still confused as to who will be under center this year. We aren’t getting Jimmy Garopollo so fucking drop it. So the QB  opening continues to be the story of the countless starting QB’s we’ve had over the years. Jesus, is that getting old but I feel money ball is paying off. Ted text me yesterday “Browns Super Bowl Bound 2021!” who’s to say… I’m going to go along with the Philadelphia 76ers mantra and “Trust the Process”. I bet a buddy $100 that we would win 5 games this year and I’m feeling much, much better moving forward.

My only concern at QB is how much love Hue Jackson apparently has for Mitchell Trubisky out of North Carolina… He may have the physicality and competitiveness of a winner but I’m telling you he looks like a dumb motherfucker and can’t talk his way out of a wet paper bag. I want Ted and J-Hoe’s Boy DeShone Kizer from Notre Dame and an Ohio kid. There’s a certain pride that guys on the Cleveland roster have playing for the state of Ohio. Player’s want to have what LeBron Jame’s provided for Ohio.


This off-season has been interesting so far and should continue to heat up…


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