Cheers! Where everybody knows your name… Uncle Stink’s new favorite show

Just like we binge on the weekend, I’ve been doing the same with the classic TV show “Cheers” from the 80’s and early 90’s. This sitcom is based out of a Boston bar that has the same local yokels coming in for ice cold pilsners. Sharing wisdom from all walks of life such as a Coach(Coach), an Ex-Pro Baseball player(Sam), a student(Diane), The Bitch/server(Carla), an accountant(Norm), and a mail man(Cliff). The boys and I have talked about opening a bar for awhile now and I can only imagine our place feeling just like the one featured in this show. I actually laugh my ass off at night watching this show. Makes me feel like I’m living in a simpler time when there wasn’t all the technology and social media drama interrupting real life. I highly recommend this show…Now on Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming services.

Here’s a video of Norm entering the bar with something witty to say every evening:

I didn’t know that Woody Harrelson was in the show until later episodes as well as one other thing I haven’t gotten to yet in the series is the fact that Fraser was actually a spinoff of Dr. Fraser Crane played by Kelsey Grammer. I’ll have to start that up after I finish this.

Cheers (US TV Series)cheers-1

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