Manchester by the Sea: Holy Shit is it sad…but check it out!

The Nest took part in a movie night yesterday evening and believe it or not, everyone was on the same page and wanted to watch “Manchester by the Sea” starring Casey Affleck as “Lee Chandler”. Affleck, the younger brother of Ben Affleck, went on to win the 2017 Oscar for Best Actor for this flick and shit did he deserve it. We were all warned about how tragic this movie was but went ahead and watched it anyway. I won’t hit you with any spoilers but I will tell you this, my emotional ass teared up 3-4 times. When Ted watches movies he needs to know that in the end of the movie there’s closure and everything is rainbows and  butterflies for the affected parties in the movie. Let’s just say he was pissed off at the end. I think that this movie is one that everyone should see…just once though because that may be the most depressing movie ever made and it definitely would not help the status of your “Sunday scaries” after a booze riddled weekend.

I will say there were moments through out the movie that were positive and had us laughing pretty good. Affleck’s nephew in the movie, “Patrick Chandler”, played by Lucas Hedges was being a typical teenager balancing 2 girlfriends, leading a rock band(which was god awful “We are Stentorium”, playing on the hockey team, and all while dealing with the death of his dad.

Dude is just trying to get laid at all times. I’d recommend this movie to everyone but just be ready to be super fucking depressed.

Uncle Stink Rating: 7/10 Knuckles.

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