Ted thinks we bowl too much & accuses us of being hillbillies…

Ted was losing his damn mind this past weekend ripping us for our competitive spirit… He called us hillbillies numerous times. We had meant to go to a bar to watch the Notre Dame Duke Basketball match up but got hung up on some frames. To which he barraged us with more texts and I quote “Game time soon! Keep Bowling you fucking Hillbillies” “Loser ass bitch mother fuckers suck my ass” I can’t contain my laughter reading these texts back but as I’ve mentioned before we’ve fallen victim to the addiction to bowling. We were at Interstate Lanes Bowling for what must’ve been 6 hours of bowling and 9 total games. Boy did we get after it, popping pins & punishing pitchers of pilsners. We made a lot of new friends on the lanes as multiple groups had come and gone and we were still rolling. Meanwhile Ted is claiming we’re this group of what looks to be great friends having a good fucking time…

From Left to Right: J-Hoe, Big Dick Rick, G-Spot, & Myself Uncle Stink, with the dirty ass jeans on…

Just Imagine the group of us bowling as Vince Vaughn and Ted as Owen Wilson in this classic Wedding Crashers scene:
Hillbillies? I think not… Teetering on the edge of white trash? Sure. But don’t kill yourself Ted, we’ve found that 2017: The Year of Love we’ve been looking for and it’s love for the lanes.
P.S. we’re actually sort of sore from playing that many games. J-Hoe claims his forearm hurts and I may have strained a muscle in my leg. I’m not sure there’s any bowling happening in our near future.

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  1. Big Dick Rick is money


  2. Wait are those fresh white Dexter’s he has on?

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