FORE! BGSU’s Forrest Creason Golf Course to close…This is a real ball buster.

Forrest Creason Golf Course, BGSU’s campus golf course is to close after the upcoming season and this is a real downer. While I haven’t played there in quite sometime it’s a spot I will hold forever in my heart. Getting hammered while swinging the sticks with my college buddies was always a blast on this course. It wasn’t the nicest course around, it was actually a pretty weak one at that but it was more about getting out after class and hanging with the boys.

They offered a student membership for $150 for the school year or $225 for all year round which is one helluva deal. You could walk the course for no extra charge which was typical as the course wasn’t overly long. But be careful as to where you walked on the course as there was geese shit everywhere. We’d fill up our bags with Natty Lights and crush them as we crushed drives. I enjoyed a lot of good times while out there but just like the rest of campus and its rapid changes, its only right to improve the grounds for the university moving forward. Get your asses out there before she shuts down. I’m feeling a Cheeseknuckles outing and BG Bar crawl after…Who else is in? Fuck yeah baby, lets get it!

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