March Madness & St. Patty’s Combined Is A Perfect Storm For Ted

This weekend is what dreams are made of. I’ve always embraced the shit out of this time of year as it signals sports, beer, and sunshine just around the corner. As a human, not just a man, what the fuck more could you ask for in life? Continuous games and multiple TV’s to go along with cheap ass pilsners and jolly drunks singing some Irish tunes.

Tomorrow all of us from the site are headed to Columbus for an adventure. I personally plan on doing nothing more than gambling and drinking. A habit of mine that has stretched back to my freshman year of college when the tournament rolls around. And as you can tell – I love St. Patty’s.

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These pictures are from my Senior year of college so lay off on the judgment. I was graduating in a month and stuck in a weird place of life. A 22 year old man depressed and uncertain can lead to some outrageous behaviors. Rumor has it I was walking around the front lawn with my dick falling out of my boxers – But again, those are only rumors. All part of the experience and the fun, right?

This weekend I hope all of you can enjoy the clashing of two great traditions. The combination of St. Patty’s and the tournament is like the perfect storm. And boy can I feel it a coming. It’s a dream. Oh, and don’t panic when you wake up the next day and your shit is green. Nothing is physically wrong with you. WELCOME TO THE MADNESS!

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