The NCAA Basketball Tournament Is No Way To Crown A Champion

Though its exciting from a viewers perspective, the NCAA basketball tournament is a really stupid and awful way to crown a “National Champion.” Once you peel away the upsets, small schools, and Cinderella story lines its easy to see the tournament as a complete farce and waste of a regular season and talented teams.

Nothing about a a sudden death tournament, packed with 68 teams (many of which are undeserving) is fair. And that especially holds true in a game like basketball when a shooters hot hand or a simple off night can spell disaster for the otherwise superior team.

Let’s face it. Duke is better than South Carolina and would beat them 8 out of 10 times. And North Carolina should have never faced the near possibility of being knocked out by Arkansas in the second round. For months these teams, and higher seeded teams just like them proved their worth and some fluky upset shouldn’t derail the best teams and talent from the field.

And let’s not forget the fortune of a generous path that might lead to a deep run in the tournament. If a few upsets like a 12 over a 5 seed or a 13 over a 4 seed transpire the road to a title could become that much easier… Far easier than another team in another region who saw no upsets whatsoever.

For comparison, there’s a reason leagues like the NBA, MLB, & Hockey hold 5 or 7 game series to advance a team or crown a Champion. It’s because the  cream will always rise to the top, and shit happens. Though shit doesn’t usually happen more than once and a series solves that. And no, Football doesn’t do this but that’s because of the physicality the sport demands.

So should they change it? Hell no! I love it from a viewers perspective. But it is worth noting that our next “Champion” earned it in an entirely arbitrary way, that could equal as much luck as skill.

If they want to make it more accurate – A smaller field with short 3 game series would be the ideal solution… But it would also be way less fun. So that won’t happen.

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