A Mexican Dude Stole Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jersey

Trump called it. Mexico sends us their rapist, drug dealers, and of course their jersey thieves. That’s right, Tom Brady’s Super Bowl uniform has been found and it was allegedly stolen by Mauricio Ortega, a former executive at newspaper company Diario La Prensa.

The company released a lengthy statement on Monday admonishing the executive and apologizing to their readers and the people of Mexico. And below is a picture of him casually strolling out of the locker room with the jersey stuffed in his shirt.


Fox Sports reporter Glazer first revealed details of the incident on ‘Undsiputed’ Monday morning.

‘The FBI and the NFL security, along with Patriots security, Houston PD, they actually went through all this video trying to track somebody down. And they zeroed in on a person of interest,’ explained Glazer.

‘That person of interest, I’m told, is an international member of the media. I don’t believe he’s actually a member of the media, but he was posing as a member of the media.’

Glazer went on to say of the thief: ‘And they’ve got him going in the locker room, right behind Bill Belichick, as if he’s with the team, goes in there, loiters around for a little while. Seen leaving a little bit later with something under his arm, he just goes in without anything under his arm, just your normal media backpack. Comes out with the backpack plus something under his arm.’  

And with a twist it sounds like this Mauricio Ortega also stole Von Miller’s gear after the 2016 Super Bowl. So of course, the Feds, NFL, and authorities are investigating. Which is funny – They can’t figure out this Russia/Trump thing, find Hillary’s missing emails, or prove O.J. did it, but god help us…they will find this football gear!

The moment you arrive on Spring Break and realize you forgot to pack rubbers.


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