See ya “Painted Ladies”, Hello “Oliver Hazard”! Our favorite band takes on new name & show April 1st

That’s right! The folky Trio of Michael Belazis, Devin East, and Griffin McCulloch formerly th-1.jpgknown as The Painted Ladies have made the name transition to Oliver Hazard due to TPL already being a folk group based out of Australia.  I happen to fucking love the name Oliver
Hazard based off of “Oliver Hazard Perry” to which Perrysburg, OH was named after. Didn’t think you’d be getting a fucking history lesson today did you?! Griffin and a group of us took a trip to Mexico(not really…we walked from Griffin’s house to a local Mexican eatery) and he filled us in on the latest from the musical group and what they’re up to for the coming weeks/months. Sounds like a fucking awesome adventure. That adventure includes a show next Saturday, April 1st at 3rd Street Cigar in Waterville, OH. Doors open at 7 PM and it is limited entry(70 guests) as the venue is very cozy, so make sure to be there early to get a spot. I am told they will be playing at 9-9:30 and that The Nylon Twos & Human Juicebox are rumored to be opening this show. This is a BYOB event which makes it even more enjoyable, so bring some pilsners and maybe a bottle of wine, whiskey, or bourbon to enjoy with a stogie. They will be recording this show to hopefully release to the public…Should be a good ass time!

Here is the bands new website which you can hook up to all their social media outlets as well as stream their music straight from the site: Oliver Hazard They will also be sharing their music through many of the music streaming outlets soon which I’m sure they will let us know when those are available!

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