Ol’ Coyote: Aka: Griffin Aka: The Voice of Oliver Hazard – Is Already Famous In Perrysburg Ohio

Our man, Ol’ Coyote (The voice of “Oliver Hazard“) has always been a local hero, which many of you probably don’t even know. That’s right, he’s talented in more ways than one and the proof has always been right under our noses.

Any of you from the Northwest, Ohio area might be familiar with a very famous statue smack dab in the middle of historical Perrysburg, Ohio. That monument which is formally known as “The Old Town Pump” is actually modeled by Ol’ Coyote himself! I shit you not! At 10 years old a family friend referred him to be the boy in the monument.

And sure enough, Ol’ Coyote agreed to be part of history, and now the bronze image of his ass will grace the Perrysburg residence for years to come. Ol’ Coyote said he remembers the modeling process as being long and exhausting because he had to hold the same position for hours.

And for proof that the boy in the statue is actually him, here’s a fun fact: Ol’ Coyote had a cut near his eye during the sculpting, so the sculpture (Mr. Kleeberger) used a nail to include that scratch… If you look closely that scratch is stenciled on the statues face.

Don’t believe me: Here you are.


So the next time you are in Perrysburg swing by and pay respects to this damn fine masterpiece. It took hard work, blood, sweat, and tears from our guy to offer a piece of history for generations to come.

PS: Ol’ Coyote also said that years later at the dedication ceremony the girl model from the monument actually grew up to be pretty hot. Though he’s not sure where she is anymore. If you have any leads please let us know.

PSS: How the hell did that girl stand on one leg if this was hours.

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