Tony Jefferson Picks NFL Team By Playing Madden

Tony Jefferson checked the “Madden” video game to see how he’d look in the uniforms of his free-agent suitors. And he picked the Baltimore Ravens, who happen to have some great looking uniforms. The four-year, $36 million deal couldn’t have hurt either.

“I am a guy of swagger, so I gotta check the swag at all points before I make a decision,” Jefferson told “I put myself in different uniforms on Madden to see what will look better. Ravens did look good, though.”

Look good, feel good, play good – Makes total sense. Also explains why the Browns continue to suck in shit colors. Just imagine looking in the mirror while wearing a Browns uniform. “I’m hideous” would be my final words. And if you don’t think that lack of swag translates to shitty on field performance, you’re just an idiot who was never a supreme athlete.

When I play Madden or NCAA football I spend a good 30-40 minutes decking out all of my starters in the latest gear. Wrist bands, gloves, visors, high socks, and wrapped ankles is a must. Without them, my team fails to reach its total potential. Hell, in college I had a buddy who drew fake tats on his arms with a sharpie for intimidation motives prior to games.

And for proof let me play out a scenario – When I was a Defensive Back I would give an extra two yards of cushion if the Wide Receiver was wearing a visor. I fully believed he was quicker and faster. All because of a visor. And if he was black – 10 yards minimum was my cushion. Image matters and you totally judge a book by its cover in sports.

Still the greatest madden video ever…


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