The Final 4 Teams Offer A Little Bit OF Everything

As the Madness comes to an end, I think we’re in for a real treat. I’m serious, as a casual fan this final 4 literally has something for all sports fans.

The Underdog (South Carolina) – First you have the 7 seed in South Carolina that has managed to grind out a win over the #2, #3 and #4 seeds in its region. A bunch of defensive bad asses that are more brute strength than flash. Those who love the underdog story, hard work, and the mafia will surely embrace this bunch. Frank Martin looks like a character from The Sopranos.


The Blue Blood (North Carolina) – My personal favorite. I hate underdogs to be honest. I would rather see the big boy rosters filled with NBA talent and crazy fan bases in all 4 slots. Something about North Carolina baby blue and Roy Williams in the Final 4 just feels right.

The Small School (Gonzaga) – With 7,500 students here you have the classic private school vs. public school drama. Anyone that comes from a small catholic school or private University can find a similarity between Gonzaga and the fanbase. Sit back and see if these guys can play with the public school morons.

Flashy And New (Oregon) – If you don’t care about tradition and the glitz or glamour is your taste then the Ducks are for you. (Football as well) They haven’t been to the final 4 since 1939 but it’s 2017 and shit changes. Hell, most kids in the stands are busy holding an Ipod for most of the game.

So with it coming to an end the storylines are drastically different. If you’re girlfriend isn’t interested in watching basketball any longer just explain these positions to her and let her make a choice. There’s something for everyone.

PS: Go North Carolina. They win and I win my bracket like a genius.

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