Kentucky Fans Blasting Ref John Wiggins On Facebook Like Real Assholes

I have a buddy that lives in Cincy so he is immersed with Kentucky fans. He says they’re easily the worst fan base in the country and I believe him. The dude is a pretty straight shooter. I mean, he says they’re so bad that he roots as hard as he can against anyone they play. And I also got to witness some of this behavior during the elite 8 in Indy a few years back. And now its verified. They are pricks.

Kentucky fans are blasting the Facebook Page for the roofing company of Joh Wiggins, who happened to be the ref in the game against North Carolina – It’s ridiculous. Also Surprising that many of them have the internet.

Facebook Link

Here’s a few in case its all deleted.

CaptureCapture 2Capture 4

I like this Michael guy – Who has perspective

Capture 4

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