Cristiano Ronaldo Had A Statue Made And It Looks GOD Awful


A statue was unveiled as tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo and it looks nothing like him. Holy shit, if someone made a statue of me that resembled some creepy ass pedophile smirking at a playground or a sexually intrigued guy getting his balloon knot tickled, I would be pissed. That fucking smile is terrifying… For someone that is regularly thought of as one of the better looking men on the planet that pulls vag on the reg, this is a major ass fail. Not even close to Ol’ Coyotes beautiful statue in Perrysburg. For once the Coyote can claim to be better looking than Cristiano and there’s no debate if you compare these head shots. If I was to show up to the unveiling ceremony and this was presented I would pull a Wedding Crashers scene and leave.

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