The Green Jersey Tradition – Notre Dame & USC

It was 2005 and USC was headed to South Bend to face the Irish on the back of a 27 game winning streak and the likes of Matt Leinart & Reggie Bush to lead them. I would argue it was probably the greatest Notre Dame game I’ve ever watched and the week leading up to game included everything perfect about college football.

Sure, we all know how the story ends. A late Brady Quinn touchdown was cancelled out by a 4th a 9 Leinart pass and a “Bush Push” in the final seconds to give the Trojans the win. I was bitter, sad, and upset but I moved on…. That was until earlier this week while randomly thinking about college football and some of it’s great traditions. Ohio State dotting of the “I”, Michigan tapping the banner, Bevo with Texas, and the Green Jersey’s at Notre Dame… oh, wait. They are no more.

That’s right, I miss the rare and random Green Jersey’s that Notre Dame would occasionally wear for big games, just like they did against USC in 2005. The new Shamrock series uniforms have erased what was once an incredible tradition. I get it, uniform swag yearly helps recruits but it pains me to see the magic of this rare occasion erased. Just read and see the reaction they caused.


Did I also mention that they were incredible to look at?


Now I’m all for adapting and changing with the times. I fully support the new stadium construction, the jumbo Tron, and the field turf, but this is one of those traditions that I think they need to revisit. Something about them is just….college football.

PS: Here is a great link to quotes from both ND players/coaches and USC players/coaches from that game 10 years later. A really cool read. 10 Years Later, USC vs. ND

The best is Sarkisian on the snake Lane Kiffin totally disregarding Dwayne Jarrett’s head injury.


I never watch the game past this point. In my world, it’s over right here.



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