Clapping When A Plane Lands or a Movie Ends is the Worst

I’ve been in both scenarios – A plane touches down or a movie ends and suddenly the passengers or crowd break out in applause. Why is that? Its one of those little things that really chaps my ass…

Sure context is everything. If a plane lands in a dire life or death situation then I’ll jump in on the applause train with ya. Hell, I’ll be leading the celebration with tears streaming down my face. But if it’s your average landing on a sunny day then shut up and begin the excruciatingly long process of exiting the plane (Which is a topic for another day)

On the other hand, in no scenario should you EVER clap at the end of a movie. I’m sorry, just think about how ridiculous that is. It’s no different than clapping at the end of a song on the radio. Now, if a friend or yourself are singing along and you want to applause their performance, I get it, but a movie is not live. Robert Downey Jr. or Leonardo can’t hear your praise, and clapping for them is simply embarrassing. And when it does happens you should see my ass rush for the exits in embarrassment for society. You can’t get me out of there fast enough.

That’s all I have… Just consider this next time and I’ll clap for you. Thanks.




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