Millenial Dating: Your laughing text style is brutal!

It’s been a rip since I’ve done a millenial dating post but friends of mine and myself had this topic come up earlier.  The overuse of laughter in text form is actually hilarious and a horrible habit. The use of “haha” and “lol” is used so often to keep things light and softens the blow of what you truly mean to say in your texts. How often are you actually laughing out loud? “Haha” is used so fucking much in texts that you could consider it punctuation at the end of sentences.(swear to god, I almost put “haha” at the end of that sentence). Laughter is losing its luster more now than ever with the use of emojis as well. Cut the shit, tell the people how you really feel… you know you’re not laughing! I’ll admit I’m one of those people that does it so I’m making strides to cut it out myself. You don’t want people thinking of you like Rocket(the raccoon) in this clip…

I will tell you this, catch us cracking jokes out and about and you’re bound to get a good ol’ ab workout from laughter.

One last thing, don’t text and drive millenials, it’s no laughing matter…

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