The Cavs Might Actually Be In Some Trouble

The Cavs are starting to worry me. For the month of March they finished 6-10 and Lebron suffered double digit loses in a month for the first time since 2003. And while the regular season really doesn’t matter, flipping a “switch” for the playoffs isn’t a given. With a handful of games remaining its time for them to find a groove and prime up. That includes offensive efficiency, defensive effort, and some god damn attitude.

For example – Shirtless JR Smith looks like the JR version from New York. With his ring and his money he seems disinterested. Whereas last year you could argue that he was their best perimeter defender throughout the playoffs.

And as a team in total – The Cavs defensive numbers are abysmal right now. Cleveland currently ranks 22nd in the NBA in defensive rating, allowing 108 points per 100 possessions and since the All-Star game, the Cavs are 29th in defensive rating and in March, they’re allowing 113.7 points per 100 possessions. To summarize – They suck ass.

So does this so called “switch” even exist with this team? A team built by Lebron, so he can shoulder the criticism. Other than Lebron this roster lacks any quality defenders and that’s not a surprise… we knew that when they were acquired. (EX: Korver) Lebron wanted scorers, so they got scorers, however, the trouble on the defensive side is effecting all aspects of their game and I’m not sure defense is even an option.

Now, I hope I’m wrong and they cruise through the playoffs and into the Finals… but consider me seriously concerned right now.

We need more of this. #NeverForget

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