A Karate Dude Using His Head To Break Bricks Is Not Impressive At All

https://twitter.com/ForTheWin/status/847070849580449792 Nothing about this is all that impressive. I'm serious. I've done cooler shit while hammered multiple times... And how mature? Real neat! A dude doing front flips while cracking a few bricks with his head. And these bricks break like a bitch. They are spaced to help the crack and second they are weak and... Continue Reading →

Kentucky Fans Emotional Final 15 Seconds

I'm evil - I love videos like these. Seeing people super happy, only to get their hearts ripped out is what I live for. I strive for it and it feeds my desire. Look at these poor sons of bitches. https://twitter.com/HowardWKYT/status/846214230026178564 https://twitter.com/HLpublicsafety/status/846142685060743168 https://twitter.com/HLpublicsafety/status/846160118089732097 https://twitter.com/HLpublicsafety/status/846149541271363585 https://twitter.com/HLpublicsafety/status/846148266622439424 Check out the midget in the background....

Ol’ Coyote: Aka: Griffin Aka: The Voice of Oliver Hazard – Is Already Famous In Perrysburg Ohio

Our man, Ol' Coyote (The voice of "Oliver Hazard") has always been a local hero, which many of you probably don't even know. That's right, he's talented in more ways than one and the proof has always been right under our noses. Any of you from the Northwest, Ohio area might be familiar with a very famous statue smack dab in... Continue Reading →

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