Is this the best week in Sports!?

This week is the start of the MLB baseball season, The Masters, and the college basketball National Title game (Also my chance to win it all if UNC can finish off the Zags)

From my perspective I think this might be the best sports week of the year but not just because of the events, but it also signals the start of summer. I can finally see the light at the end of a brutal tunnel and its nothing but Coronas, hot dogs, burgers, and pool parties. Last night I dozed off to the beautiful sounds of Sunday Night baseball as summer dreams danced in my head.

We have made it so enjoy this week, as its perfect for sports and the start of something great. Also, sucks ass that Tiger is not competing in the Masters. But as I’ve said before, he’s done for good.

PS: This season I have the Red Sox winning it all. And last year I pre-season picked the Cubs…so I’m pretty good at this.

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