Its Masters Week Baby!

Thats right, It’s Tuesday the rounds don’t officially start until Thursday Morning but this is arguably the best week in the game of golf. I’m sitting here on my ass watching nothing but golf coverage and they’re not even playing yet. Player by player come in and the media asks them some questions. Some handle it better than other’s Dustin Johnson, the latest to be named #1 in the world seems to be the dullest fucking interview I’ve ever seen but this fucker can blast it off the tee and has been winning very consistently. Tomorrow kicks off the 3-hole contest. Last year provided plenty of hole in one clips but this is by far the best clip from that contest last year.

Justin Thomas might be the goofiest ass celebrating cat around. Goober! But kid can play. Danny Willet won it all last year but his brother won, sibling of the year with his live tweeting of the tournament.

Danny Willet’s Brother’s Drunken Live Tweets

Lot of great golf being played these days by many players so this year should bring plenty of entertainment and I’m hoping for a star studded shootout with Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler, Jon Rahm, Justin Thomas, Bubba Watson, Sergio, Phil, Spieth, and many, many more… Get ready for the best tourney of the year ladies and gentleman!

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